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How to Record Video on PowerPoint

How to add video to PowerPoint Did you know that Microsoft PowerPoint provides an option to record video, specifically your webcam video, over your lecture presentation? This is not just your voice-- but YOUR FACE.  There are many options to record lecture videos, but one of the challenges that instructors face is how to record their faces while giving a slide presentation lecture. Recording a lecture with voiceover can be fine, but sometimes showing one's face adds another human element to the lecture. Some go out and pay for Camtasia or try to do a workaround by recording themselves lecturing in Zoom, but few know that the standard presentation software on their work computers have this option. In today's post, I want to share with you how to do this in PowerPoint, a presentation software that is usually installed on most instructors' computers. Two issues worth noting are: This feature is not available on the Mac version It takes a long time for the video to process You

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