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Amazon vs Google Photobooks

Making photobooks have become easier, but I found it difficult deciding who to print from.

When I finally decided to print a "nice" photobook for myself and another one as a gift for my Dad, I was not sure where to begin. My very first photobook was a tiny book from Walmart printed in 2016, and though it was decent, it was a cheap little keepsake for myself. I wanted my next books to also be affordable, easy to use, and still give me quality prints.

After looking through several reviews, I noticed that there were few about Google Photos and almost none on Amazon Photo's photobooks. Google and Amazon, two brands I already like! Since so many reviews out there did not answer my basic questions, I am writing this to help you if you're deciding between these two options and looking to steer away from themed templates.

This post is not about Education, but towards the end I will include some comments about classroom use.

Price  Amazon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 stars My book was an 8"…

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