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Pimsleur Language Programs Audio Lessons Review

Seven years ago when I accepted a teaching job in Japan I knew I had to learn Japanese FAST. At that time the only language instruction I had ever received was for French in middle and high schools, and like most young students, I was disinterested so I did not learn much.

This time I was much more motivated. I decided that the best thing I could do in the little time I had was to learn to speak some basic phrases. I purchased my first audio lessons through Amazon from a company called Pimsleur.

I squeezed in a few 30-minute lessons before I hopped on a plane to a foreign country at the end of July. My knowledge of Japanese was close to zero. For over a season I kept myself busy with my teaching job and basically, with surviving in Japan. It was nearly November when I reached a point where I could take a breather, then I finally dived into language learning. Each day I listened to an audio recording, wrote the new phrases I learned in roman letters, and reviewed flashcards until I co…

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