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Marenem, Inc. v. Deanna C. Jump Lawsuit Reminds Teacherpreneurs About Originality, Fair Use, and Copyright

Recently, it came to my attention that TeachersPayTeachers superstar, Deanna Jump, is (or was?) involved in a lawsuit over copyright infringement. TPT is an online marketplace targeted at teachers where one can download or upload and buy or sell educational resources. In a nutshell, Marenem, Inc., a company that sells teaching resources, is suing Jump for infringing on its copyright of a phonics program called Secret Stories - Cracking the Reading Code because she sells a similar product called Spelling Chunks. The U.S. Government Publishing Office has documents about the pending case here. The latest summary looks like the judge denied Jump motion for summary judgement, and it will probably proceed to a court trial.

I've never taught phonics, but as a former elementary teacher, I know that teachers recycle and pass on ideas from everyone and everywhere, so I wondered if this was just an honest coincidence. Looking over the April 18, 2013 case summary, I was surprised to see all …

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