Web 2.0 Tool Project: VoiceThread

 Check out this VoiceThread!
Check out this VoiceThread on the Challenges and Rewards of Distance Education

Recently, I collaborated with three other graduate students at the University of Houston to create a VoiceThread conversation on the topic of distance education.

We divided up the topic by "challenges" versus "advantages," and within that, we each picked an area or participant in online education to focus on (students, teachers, institutions, etc.) 

I had looked forward to trying out VoiceThread because I was interested in the aspect of people being able to respond with not only comments, but voice-recording, and video-recording as well. I made two pictographic slides on the sub-topic of Rewards and Advantages for teachers and institutions. Then, I added both my voice-recording and written voice-over in case visitors wanted to review what I said or check out my references. 

All the group members were fabulous with communication, and we were able to complete the project in a week's time mainly through email. We sent each other our drafts, waited for feedback, and finalized it with the group leader. Tuhin Dey was assigned the leader of the project, so he coordinated with everyone and organized the materials into one VoiceThread discussion. 

I thought VoiceThread was pretty easy to use. One of its best features is that you could use a variety of multimedia to create a presentation or discussion as well as to respond to one. I liked how clearly it recorded my voice, but that may be because I have a decent microphone. I especially thought it was easy to record and delete-- which I did multiple times! When I added my typed-comments I was unsure if it was going to show up with two of my icons. I then realized that it bundled into my single icon, so that was organized. I think it would be nice if VoiceThread could add simple bold or italics options to the font so that responders could emphasize certain things in their typed comments. During this week, I plan on dropping by my peers' VoiceThreads to leave comments and maybe even try out the video-recording response option!