Summer Reflection on Web 2.0 Tools

This summer I learned the terms "Web 2.0 Tool" when I took Dr. Sara McNeil and Dr. Bernard Robin's summer linked classes at The University of Houston. I had a chance to explore several tools which have been reviewed on this blog.

Since I had already used this tool, my review was a refresher because the interface had changed a little since the last time I used it. I still love this website builder, and if I return to a classroom without virtual space, I will be building a website using Weebly or Wix.

This was probably my favorite tool to review. I can see myself making an interactive online poster with this if I wanted to explain a concept. In addition, this is a great tool for students to use as a digital research presentation tool.

This tool took some getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, I really liked it. I used it in one of my outside presentations already. I love the variety of icons that come with this free application!

I can see this tool being used by a teacher with excellent classroom management and who doesn't mind students whipping out their smartphones to participate. This reminded me of the remote controls we used in my undergraduate college classes for the interactive quizzes, but way better.

I'm always looking for free music for my presentations, and this is my new favorite online music archive.

The biggest thing that I walked away with from these assignments is the realization that making interactive, attractive, and fun learning content is not that hard. 15 years ago I was tediously entering in html into one of the few browsers, Internet Explorer, to customize my blog and webpages. How times have changed! Now, online tools have become so user-friendly, I could save a lot of time and devote it to making useful digital learning objects, instead. 

I'm a little sad that my courses with the UH professors will end, but I will note and explore a few online applications that were reviewed by my peers. I hope to keep this blog going, and hopefully, I will get a few more review in by the end of this year. 

I will be assisting in the revision of some online learning modules next semester, so I am looking forward to using a few of these web tools!