Web 2.0 Tool Review: Socrative

Recently, I took a look at a Web 2.0 Feedback tool called Socrative. You can watch the video review or skip to my typed voice-over below:

Introduction: Socrative (www.socrative.com) is a free online Feedback tool that can be used to create real-time electronic assessments for your students. Instead of printing out questions or waiting for individual students to answer aloud, teachers can ask questions for all students in class and get everyone’s results within a few seconds.

Students could access socrative quizzes through computer or mobile devices online. Teachers can ask a quick-question, create multiple-choice or short-answer questions, play a quiz game, or start an exit ticket. While students answer the questions, the results will be displayed on the teacher screen right away. All you need is internet access to get started.

So let’s take a look at how to make a quiz, and what happens when a student takes it.

(Socrative exploration begins at 00:45)

Ending (05:33): (Pros and Cons slide) Once again, Socrative is a Feedback tool designed for teachers to get feedback from students fast. It’s also meant for teachers who want to engage and get all students to respond using technology. Take a look at the pros and cons and decide if this tool is right for you.

Screenshots on how to use Socrative:

Since registration is pretty straightforward, I will skip directly to the user's dashboard and making a basic quiz.

1. Get comfortable with the user's dashboard.
This is the main page. Notice your room number on the top right corner. In order for students to access your open quizzes, they must know this number. You have several different choices in how to assess students. To keep this short, let's go directly to making a very basic quiz.

2. Click on "Manage Quizzes."

3. Choose between "Create a Quiz" or "Import." 
If you know of any pre-made quizzes, you could import them! This is a great way to share socrative quizzes with other teachers. In this example, we will create our own.

4. Select the type of question.
Choose between multiple-choice or short answer.

5. Try a multiple-choice question.
Type in the multiple possible answers and check the one that is right.

6. Next, try a short-answer question.
Type in the question and possible answers. You may purposely want to misspell a word in the case students misspell it, they can still get credit for the answer.

7. Return to the main screen and start the quiz when you're ready for students to participate.

8. Decide how you want students to receive the quiz.
If you click on teacher-paced, you get to control the questions one at a time. It's a good way to check everyone's answers and address anything outstanding one question at a time.

Overall, Socrative is a very convenient tool to use. I would recommend it to teachers who have access to a computer and projector in their classroom. Most importantly, I would recommend it to teachers who are comfortable allowing students to participate by using individual mobile or tablet devices in class.