How-To Guide: Sharing OPEN Resources on TeachersPayTeachers - Set Up Your Store & Upload Your First Free Product

Here is a FREE step-by-step multimedia guide to setting up your own store and uploading your first free product. This guide follows TPT's Copyright Faq recommendation to apply Creative Commons licenses to your work. CC licenses protect your copyright, gives you credit, AND lets other use your work beyond Fair Use limitations. Learn how to share your work with more people online and make it open for others to re-use, re-mix, and pass it on to others! This item is made by a teacher for teachers, but anyone could use it =).

You will learn how to create and open a Seller account on TeachersPayTeachers. This includes registering for accounts, making thumbnails/previews, uploading. 

Just click on the icons in each step to watch the videos OR read the PDF files.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin any steps, please watch the Introduction video at the top near the title to understand the process. Or, watch the introduction video HERE:

These materials will also tell you about how to make your product an open educational resource by applying a Creative Commons license. This is an important step that many people miss when they share a resource online. Anything original that you create automatically has your copyright, therefore it puts a restriction on how others may use and adapt your work. Applying this license is a way for you to tell people how they could use a large part of your ideas (instead of a small part of it) and give you credit for it.

After following these instructions, you will walk away with some technology skills, an online store, and a free product to share (TeachersPayTeachers requires your first product to be FREE). In the future, you may also earn extra income through your online store.

I will walk you through registering for a TeachersPayTeachers and OneDrive account, designing a thumbnail for your product page, taking screenshots, making and applying a Creative Commons license, zipping a file, and uploading a resource online.

In these instructions, you have 2 choices. Follow ALL steps if you want to make these little preview images called thumbnails for your product page.

If you don’t care what image shows up on your product page, and you just want to register for an account and upload a resource, then follow the BLUE steps only.

Prerequisite skills:
1. Internet connection
2. Basic web browsing and word processing skills
3. Email account
4. Resource to openly share on online
5. Slide presentation experience

If you plan on following every step and making a thumbnail, it is recommended that you have experience making a slide presentation.

Recommended Operating Systems:
- Windows 7 or older
- Mac OSX

All the tools that we’ll use are free and online.

Sharing OPEN Resources on TeachersPayTeachers by Thanh Tran is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International LicenseBased on a work at

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