Mac Apple OSX Tutorial: Print in Black / White / Grayscale in the Preview App

Are you having trouble figuring out how to print in black and white or grayscale from your Apple/Mac Preview application? I clicked on just about every option from the Print menu, but it turns out the Color Option is hidden under an odd sub-menu. I'll show you where it is. Please note that the printer driver installed in these instructions is from an HP Photosmart.

You can choose to watch the instructional video below, or follow the instructions in the rest of the blog. The video has closed-captioning with English subtitles.

1. First, open your file in Preview. Select the Print option.

2. Find Orientation. Select the drop-down menu below. From the drop-down, select Paper Type/Quality. It's odd that the Color Option is under this.

3. Now the Color Options will appear at the bottom! Select Color Options.

4. You will see a drop-down menu next to Color: ColorSmart/sRGB. Select Grayscale. You will also see an option beneath for Black Print Cartridge Only. Select this if you want to print from that cartridge only.

If you can't locate these options, it could be because you're using a different printer. Different printer drivers affect the printer settings. Try this next video tutorial to see if it matches your printer settings better: